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Case Study: Town Planning (Residential).
Initially acting on instructions from Pemberton Properties Ltd. and then subsequently, Redrow Homes (North West) Ltd., we succeeded in obtaining the last major planning permission granted by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council before their “moratorium” on residential planning permission came into force.

Before After
The site comprised some 3.7 acres (1.5 ha) of industrial land with residential development to the south & west, a raised lake to the east and greenbelt land to the north. Access to the site was narrow and the land was crossed by a large culvert. Historic printing industry uses had led to the ground being contaminated and there was asbestos within the buildings.

Levels were a challenge and there were retaining wall issues.

A series of negotiations were quickly entered into and a comprehensive land sale contract was agreed taking into account affordable housing & site abnormals on the one hand and overages for prices and densities achieved on the other.

After much detailed work and cooperation between vendor and developer we assisted Redrow in acquiring some third party land and in obtaining the best possible planning permission for the development of the site.

The site has been remediated and has contributed a significant proportion of affordable houses to Stockport Borough.

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