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Houses affected by the Manchester City Council
Compulsory Purchase Order 2003.
(Louisa Street, Openshaw)

Despite Government attempts to make compulsory purchase of a property more equitable it is a very complex and stressful process.

Expert advice is needed in circumstances where the value of your interest in a property is affected by public works or compulsory purchase orders.

There are a tremendous number of statutes which can be invoked by Government Departments, Local Authorities, Utility Companies and public bodies giving them powers which may affect the value of your property interest.

The process of an acquiring authority obtaining the powers it needs in order to do what it wants to do is complex and time consuming. We recommend that you engage professional help as soon as possible once it appears that your interest in a property might be adversely affected.

As time goes by your rights to compensation alter, as does the flexibility in handling the matter and responding to developments in the statutory process.

Compensation may be available to you event if your property is not being directly affected or taken. You may not be the owner, but as long as you have a compensatable interest we would be interested in helping and advising you.

Whilst we act only for those affected by compulsory purchase orders and public works, and not the authority itself, there is statutory provision for the authority to contribute to professional fees.

In the event of compensation not being agreed the matter may be referred to Court, known as Lands Tribunal, for determination. In these circumstances we can prepare evidence and appear on your behalf.

Careful professional advice is required throughout all stages of these complex matters and we have the experience to assist until your compensation claim is settled.

Telephone calls may be recorded for verification purposes