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No matter what the property or business problem may be it is likely that it will ultimately require negotiations of one sort or another to resolve it.

This is where our knowledge and expertise yields the best results for our clients.

By applying our expertise in land and property disputes we are able to add value far in excess of the cost of our professional fees.
What can be achieved?
Our objective is to straightforwardly achieve the best possible outcome for our client.

In order to achieve this we pursue a “win win” solution to the problem or issue in hand.

It is far better for all concerned when trying to agree on “who is to get what share” if somehow the whole project can be made bigger or more valuable.

It is our experience that a cooperative or collaborative approach can often achieve the best result.

Sometimes a pragmatic approach can achieve a result which would not have been achievable through a confrontational approach.

Periodically, however, disputes occur. When this happens we work tirelessly and inventively to seek a satisfactory resolution for our client.

Let us assist you in your negotiations!

Telephone calls may be recorded for verification purposes